Custom T Shirt Printing Advice


You may have to print custom t-shirts for a variety of reasons! Maybe you’re printing them for a fundraising event, a family reunion, or even your own sports team. Or you’re looking to make money by designing, promoting and selling your custom t-shirts to buddies, family, and on-line audiences. 

If you’ve never designed and published your own custom attire before, there are a small number of grammatical mistakes to avoid! Read through each of these key categories of the custom t-shirt design and production process to learn about these mistakes and how to bypass them: 

  • Choosing a t-shirt printing platform 

  • Picking out your custom apparel solutions 

  • Creating your custom t-shirt designs

  • Putting your order and supplying your shirts 

Saving money and time is a priority, therefore getting it right the very first time is particularly important whether you need your t-shirts for a unique event, to raise capital, or to sell as custom merchandise. Take the time now to familiarize yourself with the method of creating your very own customized attire! 


1. Choosing a t-shirt printing platform 

Once you’ve got a concept and you’re ready to start the design and production process for your attire, you have to obtain the right custom t-shirt system which works for you. 

Big mistake: using the first custom t shirt printers you find. 
Like every other service or product you purchase on-line nowadays, you’ve got to do your research! 

The dominant custom t-shirt printing companies regularly promote special deals to attract new designers, however their programs offer very little flexibility once you’re ready to design and purchase your products. Additionally, they are 90% of the time not a local company! 

Even when you already know exactly what you want your custom t-shirts to look like and how many you’ll need, printing services with more flexible options have a tendency to make the most reliable partners. 

Our advice: Locate a t-shirt printing platform, which offers actual options. 

Throughout your research, there are a couple of qualities to look for in a great custom t-shirt platform: 

  • A local company who can sit down and design with you

  • No purchase minimums for custom shirts 

  • Intuitive design tools to get it right 

  • Numerous options for selling and ordering your shirts 

  • Social Proof (Facebook, Instagram, Google Reviews, etc)

With a platform like Off Tha Hook , you can purchase custom t-t-shirts with no minimum! Custom-scaled to whatever the mission of your job may be, Off Tha Hook printing makes a perfect partner. 

Furthermore, should you decide that you’d like to offer your custom t-shirts on-line to more customers, Off Tha Hook offers T-shirt website options allow you to create an on-line campaign page to market to your audiences and a design T-shirt online option.

This type of flexibility makes it simpler for you to concentrate on your aims for making the t-shirts as opposed to the logistics of the t-shirts themselves. 


2. Picking out your custom apparel Solutions 

Once you’ve found the right t-shirt printing platform that is suitable for your needs and provides flexible options, think about just what kind of attire you would like to produce. 

Big mistake: Printing basic t-shirts without researching clothing selections. 

In the event that you’ve taken the time to find the perfect printing assistance, however, you really should take that step and consider what kinds of goods are best suited to the aims of your job. 

This is particularly true if you’re producing custom attire or to share with a bunch of people. 

Our advise: Think about what makes your job distinctive.

This implies considering who will be receiving your custom published t-shirts. Who're they? What do they enjoy? 

A top custom t-shirt platform will offer lots of options. For Example, have a look in the different attire options in Off Tha Hook ’s merchandise catalog: 

Premium unisex crewneck and tees

Unisex and women tanks

Baseball and tops 

Sweat shirts and long sleeve t-shirts 

Pullover hoodies

Polos and full botton ups

Full zip and 1/4 zip ups

For example, imagine you’re designing and printing custom t-shirts for your 5K team. This is one situation when choosing the right type of merchandise is particularly important. Long sleeve, classic crewnecks, and tanks could all be great selections, but this depends upon a number of factors. 

Location, season, design elements, and individual personal personal tastes all play a part in choosing the right apparel products to make your group happy and enhance team spirit. 

Prepare in advance and explore your options with a lot of time to spare.


3. Creating your custom t-shirt designs 

Here’s the real heart of custom t-t-shirts, and it’s what you’re the most excited for, too. 

Even when you've a very clear vision in mind for what directions you’d enjoy your design to head in, but take the time with this measure! 

Big mistake: Going with the initial draft of your t-shirt design. 

Clearly, you’re eager to see the end item of your designs! Rushing throughout the design point can defeat the entire purpose of all the maintenance you’ve already put in finding the best t-shirt printing service and choosing the right products. 

We don't doubt your design skills, but have you thought about just what your objectives are for this custom shirt? Product design encompasses much more than just style! This is true for any project, whether you’re creating t-shirts for your family reunion or your organization ’s event. 

Our advise:

  1. Follow best practices for design before printing. 

  2. Reach out to a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr,

Part of those best methods for designing the t-shirt that is perfect involves choosing the right color t-shirt and ink color combinations and choosing the suitable font.

The Off Tha Hook  platform is full of powerful designs you are able to draw inspiration from before creating your final draft for printing. Designs which highlight stylized graphics compositions, and distinctive typography have a propensity to be the most effective and popular. Publish a couple versions of your design, refining and improving it as you proceed. 

We on a regular basis show off our favorite designs on Instagram, so keep researching! Make note of some design elements that catch your attention, then integrate them into your next draft. 


4. Placing an order and printing your tops 

It’s time to publish your custom t-shirts. As you’ve taken the time to choose the right printing platform and make clever design selections, each of your hard work will pay off. 

Big mistake: Not considering all of your ordering options. 

A lot goes into getting your t-shirt order right. You’ll Have to think about a couple of things: 

Just how many t-shirts to publish 
Many of every size to print 
Shipping prices 
Shipping duration 

Dependent upon why you’re generating t-shirts, you’ll have to determine these factors in advance. Otherwise, you risk ending up with not enough (or way too many) t-shirts! 

Our advise: Explore all of your options for selling or printing t-t-shirts. 

If you moved with Off Tha Hook  back into the first step, you already know our platform offers tons of options for printing, ordering, and selling your custom t-t-shirts. Some of them will help you prevent ordering mistakes completely! Here’s how you can provide your Off Tha Hook  t-shirts: 

  1. Print and order your t-shirts in massive quantities to market or disperse on one's own. Order as few as 1 if you want to with Off Tha Hook .

  2. Selling your t-shirts on-line on dedicated campaign pages. Set your prices and start promoting your top to buddies or followers. 

  3. Fundraising with custom t-shirts. Your campaign page will accumulate orders and donations for your cause that is specified. In the campaign and fundraising styles, we’ll ship your t-shirts directly to your clients or donors! 

If you’re purchasing directly and in massive amounts for a group, we propose using our t-shirt order templates. This way you can gauge just how many t-shirts to order, providing you a safer quote to work with as opposed to just estimating it. 

No matter why you should print custom t-shirts, Off Tha Hook 's got your back. Following our hints and best practices can assist you to avoid the typical mistakes that too many individuals do when designing and ordering printed t shirts to the very first time.

Ask yourself, where can I find tshirt printing near me?

It's simple, reach out to Off Tha Hook!


Suggested Moving Company Names


Moving is difficult all these boxes, the tape, and the packing and unpacking. That is why it is best to leave it out to the pros. And nothing says professional, more than custom moving company t shirts, and much more. Combine your moving crew in custom equipment polos are ideal for giving the boss a polished look, and tees are wonderful for all those who make heavy lifting. You can also customize magnets and signs for promotional products. 

Looking for some inspiration to get started?  Review a list of company names below. If you see something which lifts you up, personalize shirts for your entire team!

Twenty Moving Company Names

1.       Moving us

2.       Swiftall MoversOcean to Ocean Movers

3.       PackRite Movers

4.       ProSafe Movers

5.       ZipCare Movers

6.       Dashing Movers

7.       Popular Movers

8.       Movers Madness

9.       Finest Movers Recommend

10.    Tidy Movers

11.    Goldstar Movers

12.    Thrifty Mover's

13.    Fulload Movers

14.    ProTrust Movers

15.    ZoomLine Movers

16.    Manhauler Movers

17.    FirstTen Movers

18.    Moversible

19.    Great Job Movers

20.   Bigger Movers

Want a Custom Shirt? Try Designing T-Shirts Online!


Why buy a ready-made shirt?

Sure, they’re all over the place. And they save you time worrying about clothing designs.

You just walk into a store, pick what looks nice, and throw it in cart.


You have no control over the final output. You cannot input personal ideas into your shirt.

And the worst part is, you can’t control the details – even if you like most of it.


Here’s a Common Situation.

Some of the most amazing shirts we find have bad prints on them.

 It could be a bad logo. It could be a spelling error. Even worse, it could be a slight color mismatch.

 So now you’re reluctant to buy it, like many others. And it makes the shirt a waste.


Never Be in That Situation.

Why not do the T shirt customizing yourself?

 Why not pick your own designs and colors? Isn’t that better than wearing someone else’s vision?

 T shirt customizing = Meaningful Clothing.

Your custom teeshirts can now represent what you like.

They can represent your hobbies and priorities in life.

(Example): You might be a deeply spiritual person. As such, you can design a shirt to reflect that spirituality.

It could reflect any spiritual system that you admire.

Or, you might be deeply invested in a social cause. You can design a slick shirt to reflect that.

It could be any cause, from fighting social inequality, to helping abuse victims.


Interesting – But Isn’t T Shirt Design Complex?

You mean graphic design, right?

The answer is, it depends. If you’re using basic “desktop” tools, you’ll need experience.

 However, there are “special tools” that let you design – and with ZERO experience!

 What Kind of Tools?

Ones that let you do so online. And designing t-shirts online has many advantages.

For starters, the options you have are unlimited.

Color combinations, shapes, and design styles exist in thousands. So you can test as you wish…

And while you test, you get new ideas too!

Thus, you’ll find yourself in an enjoyable cycle. You’ll test, discover an interesting combination, and then get new ideas… 

You then test those new ideas, and repeat!


Another Thing – They’re Not Just for Consumers.

Those tools are for business too! Because you can profit from designing t-shirts online!

That’s how many online businesses make money, especially content creators.

Besides the media following they have, they make shirts.

They then ship those to fans who order them.

You can do the same too! If you have a following, make and sell them shirts!


The Possibilities are Endless.

That’s because t shirt customizing is all about uniqueness.

And who doesn’t love uniqueness? All humans have the need to be unique. And nothing expresses that better than clothing!

So here’s what we recommend you do…

It’s time for you to go online, and find the best way to design your own teeshirt.

Make sure it’s one you’ll use for the long run. After all, you have to get used to it, before making excellent designs!

Ask yourself, where can I find t-shirt printing near me?

It's simple, reach out to Off Tha Hook!

An Important Way to Boost Your Fundraiser


So you've found your Fundraiser - congratulations. What now?  Well, you have really come to the right place to raise both awareness and funds. In Off Tha Hook Fundraising, it's our mission to assist you raise as much money as possible to support your cause. That said, your success depends on how a lot of people you have the ability to reach. Advertising your Fundraiser might seem like a difficult task, but fear not we are here to help. We have gathered the strategies and hints of our Fundraisers to genuinely help you get the word out and maximize your potential. 

Harness the power of social media. Given that we have added the finishing touches to your Fundraiser and sold two or a shirt, let us start to think about how best to spread the word there. Our seasoned fundraising organizers will inform you that social network may be your best friend if you use it your advantage. 


Here are a few useful hints with regards to utilizing social network to benefit your origin: Share your fundraiser. Publish a Facebook post announcing the launch of your Fundraiser. Make sure to include the hyperlink to your Fundraising page and a short description of what you are raising money for. You do not need to go too in depth on your post, as you have already mastered the story you've displayed on your Fundraising page, Be strategic about how frequently you're posting. While it's important to help keep your fans from the know and provide gratitude to people who've donated, folks have a tendency to lose interest whenever you share. 

Each position must include a message that is fresh, so avoid recycling old articles as individuals will overlook things they have seen before. &bull, Take advantage of your pre network. Do you've a Twitter or Instagram following? Rally the troops by crafting a post. Are you a member of a group on Facebook? Do not be afraid to post in them classes or reach out to the group administrator and ask them to share for you. It is important to take benefit of any opportunity to spread the word to individuals who might share the same interest on your cause! Produce a dedicated group for your own cause. 


If you aren't already part of the group you may share your fundraiser with, you can create one! It has been proven that individuals like to follow specific causes they care about, so why not make a forum in which people can share their ideas, invite their buddies, follow your progress, and also be part of the solution? .

Screen Printing

Screen Printing.jpg

What's screen printing? Screen Printing, which is also known as Screen Silk, is an awesome method of a tee shirt printed utilizing thick ink that was on the top of the shirt, rather than soaking in the shirt. Silk-screen printing is what most businesses use and back in the afternoon, was the only major approach to produce bulk quantities of custom shirts. Off Tha Hook provides Screen Printing, because in some cases, it is better to use screen printing. With thicker inks, screen printing is better for images with only one or two colors of ink being used. 

Instead of direct to garment (DTG), the screen printing will allow these colors to stand out to you as jack in the box. The thick ink is going to have a soft impression when touched and will make for a really amazing look. In case you are in no hurry and have minimum colors for a t-shirt, then we recommend Screen Printing. It looks great and it's often cheaper for larger amounts.  

Just how does Screen Printing work? The fine mesh is stretched tightly on a frame. A copy of the design is printed on the screen to be put on the shirt. Once set properly, ink is rolled on the screen, just the areas where the design was printed allow ink to slip through. The ink then sets on the t-shirt and is put into a dryer to cure. We will be sincere with you, it is a lot more complex than that. There is a lot of methods, ink, and chemicals that go into making your t-shirts, but that is the simple version. We advocate screen printing for simple company logos, group names, and t-shirts with text. As well, screen printing works really well with both light and dark t-shirts.

Rhode Island's Textile History


Rhode Island became a pioneer manufacturing state, mainly in textiles, after the American Revolution. Manufacturing concerns produced jewelry, silverware, electrical equipment, textiles, transport equipment and fabricated materials. Since Rhode Island was deindustrialized from the twentieth century, the proportion of wage earners in manufacturing decreased from nearly 3 fifth from 1900 to less than one 6th by the early twenty-first century. 

The decrease of Rhode Island's textile industry was accompanied by that of numerous other producers, especially those most closely associated with textiles. In most respects, Rhode Island suffered through an economic depression from 1920 to late 50s. The only manufacturing sector that bucked the general trend in majority of the century was jewelry making, and Rhode Island was dubbed the jewelry capital of the world., Until the late 20th century, the state produced much of the costume jewelry made in the United States, but global competition caused Rhode Island's share of even that activity to drop sharply in the 1990's

Professional Look


It's no secret that printing your company logo on polo t-shirts is a fantastic method of making your workers seem more professional. But while this might look like common sense, numerous research has validated this point. According to one government study, clients perceptions of a business undergone a sharp increase in the ratings of favorable conditions, when workers have been seen sporting professional looking uniforms. But many business leaders are unsure of how to go about printing your company logo on polo shirts. Fortunately, the process isn't particularly hard. As opposed to other items of clothing, personalized garments can't be purchased in a conventional shop. 

These things have to be custom made at t-shirt printers. Online t-shirt printers like have the expertise and equipment required to successfully print a durable logo on a polo or a hoodie. But, it's important to keep in mind that not all attempts at the print on t-shirts are equal. Based on the kind of cloth used, the ink's lifespan will be different. Faded uniforms won't instill a feeling of trust into prospective clients, but sadly, if the correct cloth isn't utilized from the printing process, then the ink won't take. Usually, most t-shirt printers utilize tops which contain synthetic cloths. 

These fabrics aren't as effective as cotton in absorbing ink. This results from the material's lack of pores. Cotton is a very porous material, and consequently, it's able to completely absorb ink. Irrespective of the reason behind your need to print on t-shirts, it's essential to get the best deal possible. Excessive uniform costs may have a deep impact on an organization's profit margin. Fortunately, personalized garments are an economical method of creating a pro look for your team. Typically, t-shirt printers will give a bulk discount, and this can be the way that companies can push down their uniform expenses. 

Repeated research has demonstrated that professional looking uniforms may radically improve the general public's perceptions of your business, and there's also been research that indicates it may have a positive impact on workplace morale. Regardless if you're ordering zipper hoodies with team logo or specialist looking polos with your company's logo, a t-shirt printer will be in a position to supply the garments you need. For all those needing a high number of custom tops, these printers may generally offer heavy discount rates for bulk orders. By using economical uniform options, it's possible for companies to create a pro look without forfeiting their profit margins.

Team Building

With Custom T Shirts


Corporate team building activities might be, well, lame. Truth and a lie, blind drawing corporate and games Jenga are cheesy. Sure, you may establish a table tennis table in the lunchroom or have a company picnic, but there are other, more subtle ways to construct a culture of teamwork. Every advertising department knows that customized t-shirts are a necessary have for workers as giveaways to customers or a trade show booth.

However, a lot of companies underestimate the impact that custom team wear may have on employee culture. Custom t-shirts can help make your brand! Here's the way: Give the Right First Impression into New Hires Presenting new hires using a customized t shirt branded using your company's logo shows the new recruits which they're part of the corporate family.

Often, new hires are not certain how to dress their first week on the job. By giving them a branded t-shirt, polo or customized hoodie, you are not just making it easier for them to have dressed their very first day at work, but helping to construct their sense of company pride from day one. Foster a Sense of belonging.  Corporate apparel is a physical reminder that you are part of the company. When you are wearing the same t-shirt as your co-workers, you immediately feel part of the tribe, creating a feeling of tribal cohesion and belonging, which you simply cannot get with a game of Jenga. 

Celebrate Milestones, events, parties or limited edition t-shirts from the 2018 company picnic, for instance, are an effective way for longtime personnel to show their company loyalty and tenure.

Ask yourself, where can I find a custom T shirt store near me?

It's simple, reach out to Off Tha Hook!