An Important Way to Boost Your Fundraiser


So you've found your Fundraiser - congratulations. What now?  Well, you have really come to the right place to raise both awareness and funds. In Off Tha Hook Fundraising, it's our mission to assist you raise as much money as possible to support your cause. That said, your success depends on how a lot of people you have the ability to reach. Advertising your Fundraiser might seem like a difficult task, but fear not we are here to help. We have gathered the strategies and hints of our Fundraisers to genuinely help you get the word out and maximize your potential. 

Harness the power of social media. Given that we have added the finishing touches to your Fundraiser and sold two or a shirt, let us start to think about how best to spread the word there. Our seasoned fundraising organizers will inform you that social network may be your best friend if you use it your advantage. 

Here are a few useful hints with regards to utilizing social network to benefit your origin: Share your fundraiser. Publish a Facebook post announcing the launch of your Fundraiser. Make sure to include the hyperlink to your Fundraising page and a short description of what you are raising money for. You do not need to go too in depth on your post, as you have already mastered the story you've displayed on your Fundraising page, Be strategic about how frequently you're posting. While it's important to help keep your fans from the know and provide gratitude to people who've donated, folks have a tendency to lose interest whenever you share. 

Each position must include a message that is fresh, so avoid recycling old articles as individuals will overlook things they have seen before. &bull, Take advantage of your pre network. Do you've a Twitter or Instagram following? Rally the troops by crafting a post. Are you a member of a group on Facebook? Do not be afraid to post in them classes or reach out to the group administrator and ask them to share for you. It is important to take benefit of any opportunity to spread the word to individuals who might share the same interest on your cause! Produce a dedicated group for your own cause. 

If you aren't already part of the group you may share your fundraiser with, you can create one! It has been proven that individuals like to follow specific causes they care about, so why not make a forum in which people can share their ideas, invite their buddies, follow your progress, and also be part of the solution? .

Screen Printing

Screen Printing.jpg

What's screen printing? Screen Printing, which is also known as Screen Silk, is an awesome method of printing images on a t-shirt utilizing thick ink that was on the top of the shirt, rather than soaking in the shirt. Silk-screen printing is what most businesses use and back in the afternoon, was the only major approach to produce bulk quantities of custom shirts. Off Tha Hook provides Screen Printing, because in some cases, it is better to use screen printing. With thicker inks, screen printing is better for images with only one or two colors of ink being used. 

Instead of direct to garment (DTG), the screen printing will allow these colors to stand out to you as jack in the box. The thick ink is going to have a soft impression when touched and will make for a really amazing look. In case you are in no hurry and have minimum colors for a t-shirt, then we recommend Screen Printing. It looks great and it's often cheaper for larger amounts.  

Just how does Screen Printing work? The fine mesh is stretched tightly on a frame. A copy of the design is printed on the screen to be put on the shirt. Once set properly, ink is rolled on the screen, just the areas where the design was printed allow ink to slip through. The ink then sets on the t-shirt and is put into a dryer to cure. We will be sincere with you, it is a lot more complex than that. There is a lot of methods, ink, and chemicals that go into making your t-shirts, but that is the simple version. We advocate screen printing for simple company logos, group names, and t-shirts with text. As well, screen printing works really well with both light and dark t-shirts.

Rhode Island's Textile History


Rhode Island became a pioneer manufacturing state, mainly in textiles, after the American Revolution. Manufacturing concerns produced jewelry, silverware, electrical equipment, textiles, transport equipment and fabricated materials. Since Rhode Island was deindustrialized from the twentieth century, the proportion of wage earners in manufacturing decreased from nearly 3 fifth from 1900 to less than one 6th by the early twenty-first century. 

The decrease of Rhode Island's textile industry was accompanied by that of numerous other producers, especially those most closely associated with textiles. In most respects, Rhode Island suffered through an economic depression from 1920 to late 50s. The only manufacturing sector that bucked the general trend in majority of the century was jewelry making, and Rhode Island was dubbed the jewelry capital of the world., Until the late 20th century, the state produced much of the costume jewelry made in the United States, but global competition caused Rhode Island's share of even that activity to drop sharply in the 1990's

Professional Look

Business button ups

It's no secret that printing your company logo on polo t-shirts is a fantastic method of making your workers seem more professional. But while this might look like common sense, numerous research has validated this point. According to one government study, clients perceptions of a business undergone a sharp increase in the ratings of favorable conditions, when workers have been seen sporting professional looking uniforms. But many business leaders are unsure of how to go about printing your company logo on polo shirts. Fortunately, the process isn't particularly hard. As opposed to other items of clothing, personalized garments can't be purchased in a conventional shop. 

These things have to be custom made at t-shirt printers. Online t-shirt printers like have the expertise and equipment required to successfully print a durable logo on a polo or a hoodie. But, it's important to keep in mind that not all attempts at the print on t-shirts are equal. Based on the kind of cloth used, the ink's lifespan will be different. Faded uniforms won't instill a feeling of trust into prospective clients, but sadly, if the correct cloth isn't utilized from the printing process, then the ink won't take. Usually, most t-shirt printers utilize tops which contain synthetic cloths. 

These fabrics aren't as effective as cotton in absorbing ink. This results from the material's lack of pores. Cotton is a very porous material, and consequently, it's able to completely absorb ink. Irrespective of the reason behind your need to print on t-shirts, it's essential to get the best deal possible. Excessive uniform costs may have a deep impact on an organization's profit margin. Fortunately, personalized garments are an economical method of creating a pro look for your team. Typically, t-shirt printers will give a bulk discount, and this can be the way that companies can push down their uniform expenses. 

Repeated research has demonstrated that professional looking uniforms may radically improve the general public's perceptions of your business, and there's also been research that indicates it may have a positive impact on workplace morale. Regardless if you're ordering zipper hoodies with team logo or specialist looking polos with your company's logo, a t-shirt printer will be in a position to supply the garments you need. For all those needing a high number of custom tops, these printers may generally offer heavy discount rates for bulk orders. By using economical uniform options, it's possible for companies to create a pro look without forfeiting their profit margins.

Family Reunion T-Shirts


Family reunions are an ideal way to holiday and spend that much-wanted quality time with relatives that live far away. Sometimes they are sometimes hard to organize due to everyone's programs and distances apart. This way you might find a head count as to understand how many majority t-shirts are needed for the family reunion. A great idea is to create an internet site for your family reunion. This provides each family with significant details on your reunion and keeps everybody in the loop. Plan a theme for the weekend such as a circus, even a Hawaiian luau. After the theme is known it's simpler to plan the location, food, activities, awards, and decorations for your reunion. 

Fun ideas for food may be roasting a pig and making beverages using half shell coconut glasses. Tasks can include hula dancing, swimming along with the limbo. How low can you go? Have your members of the family dress in Hawaiian t-shirts and grass skirts and have somebody pass out leis together with a kiss on their cheek as everyone arrives. Decorate with flowers and lots and a lot of fruit. Hand out awards for the finest hula dancer, their limbo master, and their wildest top notch. Once the theme is intended their possibilities are endless! - It is wonderful to also have a souvenir to remember those funny moments and rare events. 

An excellent keepsake to remember that these good times are screen-printed t-shirts. However, you do not want to spend too much money! Some inexpensive household reunion custom t-shirt ideas would include info like your family name, date and place of the reunion, a logo or a hilarious family phrase. Have one of the artsy and creative members of the family or have one of the kids design the t-shirts. You may even have your members of the family submit design ideas for your t-shirts, have each household member vote, and select a winner. Another excellent idea is to have each different part of the household or each generation wear a different color t-shirt. 

Family reunions are very special events, which are remembered by all, that attend and through the years, the t-shirt became the most famous keepsake item of any family reunion. Family reunion t-shirts create a memorable item that can be worn to remember all the fun and cherished times had. Off Tha Hook is a great source for all of your family reunion t-shirt needs.

Team Building

With Custom T Shirts

Photo by hwahl/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by hwahl/iStock / Getty Images

Corporate team building activities might be, well, lame. Truth and a lie, blind drawing corporate and games Jenga are cheesy. Sure, you may establish a table tennis table in the lunchroom or have a company picnic, but there are other, more subtle ways to construct a culture of teamwork. Every advertising department knows that customized t-shirts are a necessary have for workers as giveaways to customers or a trade show booth. However, a lot of companies underestimate the impact that branded custom shirt may have on employee culture. Custom t-shirts can help make your brand! Here's the way: Give the Right First Impression into New Hires Presenting new hires using a customized t shirt branded using your company's logo shows the new recruits which they're part of the corporate family. 

Often, new hires are not certain how to dress their first week on the job. By giving them a branded t-shirt, polo or customized hoodie, you are not just making it easier for them to have dressed their very first day at work, but helping to construct their sense of company pride from day one. Foster a Sense of belonging.  Corporate apparel is a physical reminder that you are part of the company. When you are wearing the same t-shirt as your co-workers, you immediately feel part of the tribe, creating a feeling of tribal cohesion and belonging, which you simply cannot get with a game of Jenga. 

Celebrate Milestones, events, parties or limited edition t-shirts from the 2018 company picnic, for instance, are an effective way for longtime personnel to show their company loyalty and tenure.

50 Construction Company Names

Photo by fstop123/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by fstop123/iStock / Getty Images

Are you a contractor or looking to start your own construction business? According to ToughNickel one of the hardest tasks is picking out a business name. However, once you have selected a name, the next move and most important step is marketing your company's name to customers. Here at Off Tha Hook, we want to help you create and print customizable t-shirts for your organization. For those still brain storming, below is a list of 50 Construction Company Name Ideas. Give us a call or request a quote and ask for our "contractor special."   

50 Construction Company Name Ideas


  1. Fine Home Construction
  2. 88 Builders
  3. A Nail in Time Construction and Remodeling
  4. A+ Builders
  5. A+ Quality Construction
  6. AAA All Phase Construction Services
  7. AAA All-Pro Construction
  8. All About Buildings
  9. Allen All-Phase Construction
  10. America's Construction Co.
  11. Ballpark Construction
  12. Beaver Builders
  13. Cartwheel Construction
  14. Chip Off the Block Builders
  15. Clean Cut Builders
  16. Complete Commercial Builders
  17. Custom Construction Services
  18. Destiny Builders
  19. Dozer Construction
  20. Dream House Construction
  21. Dream Stories Home Builders
  22. Eco-Sense Construction
  23. Fair Trade Builders
  24. Golden Key Contractors
  25. Grayson Contracting Services
  26. HammerTime Construction
  27. Horizon Building Services
  28. Horvath Construction
  29. Level Up Builders
  30. Lighthouse Building Services
  31. Marshall Brothers Contracting
  32. Mountain Home Construction
  33. Nations Custom Construction
  34. Neighborhood Creations
  35. Nice Frames Construction Services
  36. Prestige Home Building
  37. Professional Building Services
  38. Russell Contracting
  39. Skyline Contractors
  40. Skyscraper Construction
  41. Stoneworks Home Builders
  42. Sunshine Builders
  43. TKO Contractors
  44. TLC Custom Home Builders
  45. USA Builders
  46. Vacation Destination Construction
  47. Watson Commercial Builders
  48. Wishbone Contracting Services
  49. You Nailed It! Construction
  50. Your Neighborhood Construction


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