Team Building

With Custom T Shirts


Corporate team building activities might be, well, lame. Truth and a lie, blind drawing corporate and games Jenga are cheesy. Sure, you may establish a table tennis table in the lunchroom or have a company picnic, but there are other, more subtle ways to construct a culture of teamwork. Every advertising department knows that customized t-shirts are a necessary have for workers as giveaways to customers or a trade show booth.

However, a lot of companies underestimate the impact that custom team wear may have on employee culture. Custom t-shirts can help make your brand! Here's the way: Give the Right First Impression into New Hires Presenting new hires using a customized t shirt branded using your company's logo shows the new recruits which they're part of the corporate family.

Often, new hires are not certain how to dress their first week on the job. By giving them a branded t-shirt, polo or customized hoodie, you are not just making it easier for them to have dressed their very first day at work, but helping to construct their sense of company pride from day one. Foster a Sense of belonging.  Corporate apparel is a physical reminder that you are part of the company. When you are wearing the same t-shirt as your co-workers, you immediately feel part of the tribe, creating a feeling of tribal cohesion and belonging, which you simply cannot get with a game of Jenga. 

Celebrate Milestones, events, parties or limited edition t-shirts from the 2018 company picnic, for instance, are an effective way for longtime personnel to show their company loyalty and tenure.

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